Thursday, October 27, 2011


Gilbert was the best cat ever! he never hurt anyone. He was the best trained cat in the world. But, Gilbert had a sad ending!
Gilbert never dared to hurt anyone, ever! His patence level was amazing. He never scrached anybody and always played carefully as possible. Gilbert was a very calm but at the same time exciting cat. If you understand that!
He was the best trained cat ever! Gilbert as a kitten was trained to go to the bathroom in the litterbox. He didn't often go into the road. He never hurt anyone either. So what tragic thing do you think realy happend to my preisous little Gilbert?
Gilbert was the best cat ever. he got ran over by a mean old person who was going to fast to even slow down the littlest bit. My mom never told me about Gilbert so iI asked her where my cat was and she said that he got ran over by a car. I was more mad at that driver than I was sad about what happend.
Gilbert was the best! And now you know why.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

This is my pumpkin. I decided to name her Pia the pumpkin. Yes, I know that naming my pumpkin is a bit weird, but thats okay, right!Just as long as I make her look like a Pia when it's carving time.

My favorite thing about pumpkins would be the delishous seeds inside them and the carving part. I also like the pumpkin bread my mom make, it is so soft and yummy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My friend Eryn are having a sleepover this weekend. I'm soooo exited. Because it is like our first sleepover since last month! We love having sleepover together. Thing we go together are sleep, play with American dolls -witch I know sounds to young for us but we have so much fun acting there parts, run around outside, eat yummy breakfast and like soooo much more. we aways have a ton of excitment and fun!