Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taylor Swift!

I had the best time of my life at that concert! You know the Taylor Swift one. It was amazing. Now you got to see some of the highlights but those aren't even close to how cool the whole thing was. The first group to play was called Josh Kelly then NeedToBreathe. But Taylor came out and just rocked it! She did this one thing for Love Story were she flew like ten feet above our heads in a balcony. And one thing for Haunted were the bells behind her rised and people atached to rope things flew out of them. Sparks Fly was the first song she did. I mean the whole thing was just increadible!!! You will have to check out the videos if you haven't!                                                   

Friday, September 9, 2011

Taylor Swift! A couple of highlights from the Show!

These are videos of me having the best time of my life! I was at my Taylor Swift concert! You like, must watch them!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A seal!

 This is a picture of a seal we found at the beach. We tryed to feed it fish but it would't eat it. So  someone called animal control. I don't know what happend after that cause we had to leave.
This is Emma in the black and blue, Ruby in a pink t-shirt, Kennedy in Blue holding her curl, and of course me in the pink dress! On my tenth birthday!

Hair Cut

I just got a hair cut, well kind of. I got a trim. And my Aunt cut my hair and she did great! My friends are going to love it! And I'm gonna look great for my concert!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super Exited!!!

I'm going to a Taylor Swift concert. It is at the Tacoma Dome at seven. I am super duper exited! She is my favotite singer of all time. I will defenely show you pictures and tell you how it all goes even though I know it will go great!
This is a picture of a couple of my friends. Kennedy is in blue and Ruby's in pink. This is on my birthday!

Vashon Island and Gig Harbor!

This is a picture of me and my family on a fairy to Vashon Island. We rode to Vashon, ate, drove around for a while and took a fairy back. From the fairy to land we went to Gig Harbor. And other than the jakoozy the hotel we stayed at was totaly boring. there was no food, no pool, it was a lame hotel. Okay, I think you got the point. Other than the hotel I pretty much had a great time! So, overal it was awesome!!!


I totaly love horses! I love riding them, being with them and seeing and,or watching them. I've rode many horses, here let me list a few Levi (up above), Zoey, Cody, Toby, Rus, Cocoa, (my pony that I had to sell), Carrot and so many more. Meaning like thousands! I ride whenever I have a chance. The picture above is me riding Levi at The Back Forte with Rachele. Riding is like a huge part of my life.

My sister

This is my sister! She the cutest thing in the universe. Although she is just adorible she is a little or a lot whiny sometimes. I love my sister!

School is starting again!

School is starting! Which has goods and bads. The goods are that I have Miss.Hammons and she is realy nice and my best friend is still in my class witch is Eryn! One of the bad things is that almost my whole class went to the teacher that I wanted the most. I'm riding a new bus that goes on the same route because the other bus was getting old.I think that I should have the same bus driver though. School starts in four days. I'm so exited to start school again!


This is my puppy,Opal. You may remember her from my other post about her. But now she is a year older, she's two. I think she looks a lot better when she is groomed and did you notice that we got her groomed at the beach? Something Opal loves to do is chase Hunter. Sometimes she even bites his ankles! It's so cute to watch her be agresive agenst things bigger than her! Come back for more about Opal and other things! See ya later!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Horse Camp

I went to camp Berachah. It is a horse camp I went to for a week.I road a horse named Daisy. But Daisy got a hurt foot so she bronco bucked me. Luckly I didn't fall off. So for the final riding time I got to ride Pickles, the sweetest horse ever that is scared of deer and even smiles sometimes. Here she is! Isn;t she an adorable chestnut.